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Monday, August 17, 2009

A session with Miss "A"

OK, Miss. A had a lovely boudoir session last week at her apartment.  We got some amazing shots!  How gorgeous is she?  The photos speak for themselves!  Someone's got a lucky husband!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I always knew my wife was sexy and beautiful but these shots have really captured her beauty and sexiness in a tasteful and sensual manner that has me seeing my wife with fresh eyes.

I love how the black lingerie looks against her skin and the playfulness of many of the shots. I particularly appreciate all the pearl, feet and leg shots and find them very sexy.

I am indeed a lucky man! Thank you Lily and beautiful work.

Anonymous said...


Lily, when we first discussed doing these photos I was really nervous because I wasn't at my ideal weight, and I'm older and flabby and I worried that I wouldn't look sexy or beautiful - but I was so wrong! I cannot believe how delicious these photos are!! You totally made me look like a hot babe. :)

Additionally, the photo shoot itself was so much fun, and that was surprising to me because I thought I would be really uncomfortable. You made me feel relaxed and comfortable and, as you can tell in the pictures, I laughed and laughed and totally felt like a star! That was all your doing.

Thank you for making me feel so comfortable, beautiful, and for giving me and my husband such incredible images!

Miss "A"

Lily said...

Thank you for being such an amazing subject and letting me share the images! Everyone is loving them!